Letter from Jennifer Jones, 
Director, Events and Corporate Relations, Mission Hospital

Dear Rob Esterley,

I am pleased to write this letter for Robert F. Esterley, III. Rob served on our Annual Holiday Gala planning committee for three years as the design and decor lead. Since his initial involvement, the Gala has continued to grow, not only in the artistry of the event decor, but also in net income raised to benefit Mission Hospital and our south Orange County community. Rob's leadership and expertise in interior design added a fresh, new level of professionalism that contributed to the guests' overall enjoyment and experience. During the course of his volunteerism, Rob showed his specialized capabilities and qualifications by his work with the committee and implementation of his creative vision. He formed new community partnerships and played a key role in securing many important donations that ultimately contributed to the event's astounding success.

Rob's expertise in his field gave our event a personalized touch, and his final vision of the evening's theme exceeded our expectations each year. Thanks to Rob's contributions to the Holiday Gala, the decor elements played an important role on raising event net proceeds of over $3.1 million over the past three years to benefit the life-saving work at Mission. In addition, the 2012 Orange County Business Journal's Annual Charity Event Guide ranked Mission Hospital's Holiday Gala third amongst the top five dinner galas in Orange County. Winnie Johnson, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer of Mission Hospital Foundation commended Rob for his leadership at the planning committee celebration by sharing, "Rob's enthusiasm for design and his commitment to growing the Holiday Gala has elevated this event to a whole new level that set a high precedence for years to come."

Rob has a wonderfully successful future ahead of him and we are proud to have him as part of our team for three years. Many lives have been impacted as a result of his service to the Mission Hospital Gala planning committee.

Jennifer Jones