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Because our environment shapes who we become, Robert Esterley’s mission with Sacred Living is to merge classic interior design principles with holistic healing modalities addressing each of our senses. In this way, Sacred Living design goes beyond beauty and simple function to educate, inspire and empower individuals and families in their most intimate, interior spaces. As a result, Sacred Living design helps clients slow down and heal from the stresses of modern living, so that they feel nurtured, protected, enriched and joyful…everyday!

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Sacred Living Design Principles - Rob discusses how he infused a subterranean space with light and warmth to create his critically acclaimed Showhouse design for a Wellness Retreat. The custom furnishings, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and soft music help make the room a treat for the senses.

Rob discusses relaxation therapies as a crucial component of Wellness Design during this interview with massage therapist Lanae Dahl and shows the variety of healing modalities used in the space.