“Sacred Living” Interior Designer, Robert Esterley Presents a Peaceful and Sacred Living Space at the 2014 Philharmonic House of Design, June 3-29 in Dana Point, CA.  A Home's Living Environment Is More Than Just a Space to Inhabit – It's a Place for Well-Being, Rejuvenation and Healing


The physical spaces we inhabit on a daily basis have an impact on our well-being, body, mind and spirit. Recently there has been a growing interest in the dynamic relationship between spirituality and living spaces that offer a restful place to find balance and healing. Southern California Interior Designer, Robert Esterley specializes in interfacing beautiful and soulful design elements with a sense of sacredness for clients ranging from a single-room sanctuary to an entire healing haven. Since forming his Laguna Beach-based company, Esterley Designs, in 1989 Robert Esterley has enriched many lives by fostering the guiding principles of rest, rejuvenation, peace, creative inspiration, and healing into people's homes in such a way that they feel nurtured and protected. Healing sacred living spaces are unlimited and applications range from a small closet, wall space, or a small room or bedroom, to an entire home's interior and exterior. “I incorporate a holistic design approach similar to Feng Shui that considers aspects of a space including the effects of light, sound, temperature, touch and aroma therapy and their impact ”, said Esterley. “Feng Shui Master, Suzee Miller states that in classic Feng Shui the goal is to unite time, space, people and the environment as one unified field of balancing energy.”

Robert Esterley sees a home's interior as more than just a space for living, it's a place to heal. He creates a modern "Wellness Retreat" as a space in homes that families, especially parents, can use to heal and revitalize the mind, body and spirit. “I believe that work, raising a family and societal pressures are at an all time high in America and I have been inspired as a designer to contribute something meaningful in homes,” said Esterley. “Just imagine having a space that is dedicated to healing all of life's imbalances. I have had the opportunity to observe firsthand every nuance of my client's lives and understand the need for incorporating this approach which is why I began pioneering "Healing Space Design" years ago.” Esterley's talent is more than interior design innovation, it's also a profoundly personal philosophy he knows firsthand regarding the power of surviving and healing. He overcame a violent childhood filled with abuse and alcoholism, and two years ago he survived a serious auto accident that nearly took his life. The 52-year-old interior designer moved to Lake Arrowhead, California to heal in the pristine San Bernardino mountains immersing himself in nature and wildlife. He utilized his knowledge of “sacred living” for his physical recovery and the post traumatic stress disorder he was experiencing from the high-speed, rear-end collision. Esterley's work centers on using soulful design elements, chromotherapy, color, and lighting to create calmness, peace and tranquility to help clients transition through stages of life, grief, illness, loss, recovery, stress, and depression.

Esterley is originally from Kansas City, Missouri but later attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena then moved to New York and continued his training, education, and exposure to interior design during which time he experienced working with notable designers, artists, and exhibits including the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Temple of Dendur. His return to California presented new opportunities in design, including doing visual merchandising and window displays at South Coast Plaza and along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. He has worked with clients going through a life transition, divorce, dealing with loss, and facing life-threatening and terminal illnesses. For each project he created healing and sacred living spaces including home spas, therapy rooms, and meditation and relaxation sanctuaries. His compassionate brand of “Sacred Living” is not just about healing and recovery, it's also about celebrating life to it's fullest. “My mission is to foster, inspire and empower individuals and families to celebrate life as a sacred gift and to create a sacred living space that allows all your senses to feel uplifted and balanced while recharging the soul”, says Esterley. Esterley Designs provides full-service interior design, home remodeling and turnkey vacation property for clients in Orange County, Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and the Lake Arrowhead mountain communities.

People can view Esterley's work at the upcoming 2014 Philharmonic House of Design at the Strand at Headlands, luxury oceanfront development in Dana Point, California. He has been a featured designer in multiple Design Houses and was invited back to participate in this year’s exclusive oceanfront property, in a $10 million, 7,500-square-foot home. This year’s home presented Esterley with the ultimate designer challenge providing a wellness retreat in 14’ x 14’ space located underground with no windows. The wellness retreat contains a massage table and a state-of-the-art Panasonic Massage Chair that is illuminated by various shades of blue light and green, a process called chromotherapy. Esterley says, “If you have stress, high blood pressure, or anxiety, this is the kind of room that will calm you.” In his last design house presentation he created a sacred healing sanctuary that was voted the ‘Public’s Favorite Room, according to the Orange County Register. This year's home allowed Esterley to design a Subterranean Room without windows where he created the first ever "Color Changing Light Boxes" to introduce the healing effects of "Chromo Therapy" or colored light therapy. The effect creates an optical experience which calms the brain and dates back to ancient civilizations.

As a designer Robert Esterley is actively seeking partnerships with companies that are committed to his same values and compassion to bring healing into the lives of millions. Currently he is working with Lighting Innovations, California Closets, Frette, and Dyptique where he will be showcasing their products at the Philharmonic House of Design. “In the end I believe a sacred living space should bring a balance of all the senses allowing the body to naturally relax. An estimated 10,000 people will visit the Philharmonic House of Design during its exhibit period from June 3 to June 29, 2014.

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