“You can’t really know a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.”


Hello, I am Robert Esterley, a humanitarian designer based in Southern California, and the founder and CEO of Esterley Designs and Sacred Living, a global lifestyle brand dedicated to making the home a more healing experience.


Since establishing Esterley Designs in 1989, I have been known for my warm and inviting interiors. From modest family homes, to Rodeo Drive retailers, to rustic mountain getaways, my work is known for having a certain healing quality — a thread that runs between an individual’s spirits, connecting through generations of family.


In such connections, environments take on a healing quality that transcends the aesthetic into the spiritual, a gift I believe was a result of my own journey beginning in childhood.


Growing up in the Midwest as the youngest of five children, I learned that my greatest gift was an acute ability to observe human nature. Throughout my life, a deep desire to help others would eventually lead me into the world of interior design — and healing space design would become my passion.


As my unique design process continued to develop, so did my desire to make a difference in a world where suffering knows no limits. Through decades of personal and professional experience, my purpose has been defined: to simply ease the stresses of my clients’ lives. My introduction of healing modalities with a classic design approach has allowed me to transition many clients to live more healthy, well balanced lives.


The past five years have proven that the public has embraced this innovative approach as witnessed by thousands who viewed both the healing sanctuary and wellness retreat I designed. Here, I have mastered the ultimate sensory healing experience which effortlessly calms the mind, body and spirit through my use of Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, sound therapy, and massage therapy.







Because our environment shapes who we become, with each part of our home refining our minds, hearts and spirits, Robert Esterley’s mission with Sacred Living is to merge classic interior design principles with holistic healing modalities addressing each of our senses. In this way, Sacred Living design goes beyond beauty and simple function to educate, inspire and empower individuals and families in their most intimate, interior spaces. And, as a result, Sacred Living design helps clients slow down and heal from the stresses of modern living, so that they can experience their homes in such a way that they feel nurtured, protected, enriched and joyful…everyday!



Each Sacred Living space that Esterley – an Allied ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) interior designer – creates is precisely customized to each client’s needs. While the client’s desire may range from a home spa sanctuary or a meditation suite to decompress from stressful work days to a hotel-inspired guest suite incorporating special mementos to welcome cherished friends and family, Esterley applies the elements of Sacred Living to each project. These therapeutic design modalities include:



    Esterley employs colored light – most often in the form of the innovative and beautiful light fixtures he custom-designs – to bring healing energy to any space. Varying hues can be used to evoke/encourage the desired mood and ambiance. Sacred Living design also utilizes color within the space – paint, fabrics, rugs – to further underscore the desired emotional effect of the room.


    Sacred Living spaces often incorporate sound therapy, with selections customized to achieve the client’s objectives. These can range from the soothing sounds of nature to favorite classical music compositions and more.


    The element of touch is very important in Sacred Living design. Esterley incorporates this healing modality by selecting fabrics and other surface finishes with an eye to creating the desired effect in the room - from stimulation to relaxation. Sacred Living also incorporates more direct touch therapy modalities by including state-of-the-art massage chairs, massage tables, and jetted soaking tubs into its spa-inspired sanctuaries.


    Esterley harnesses the power of scent in his Sacred Living designs to underscore and heighten the therapeutic effects of the other modalities. Aromatherapy is delivered through candles and diffusers from Diptyque, for which Esterley is an ambassador, and often through delicately scented fresh floral arrangements.


    Esterley also believes in the use of sacred objects – mementos, art, family photographs, and heirlooms – within a room to both personalize the space (therefore making it more “sacred”), to assist in the healing of traumas and to evoke positive emotions.










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