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"In 1999, Rob Esterley began to work with me to oversee and upgrade our Christmas decor. It has been a pleasure working to hear Rob's ideas and to appreciate his willingness to incorporate them with our special interests and existing decorations. Although he is primarily in charge of interior design, he has also been involved with our exterior lighting and has been responsible for making us yearly winners in the Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce Ring of Lights competition.


Rob Esterley is extraordinarily talented, ethical, and cooperative in every way. His creativity makes him unique. He is a marvelous addition to any project and I look forward to a continuing artistic partnership with him."






"Rob is creating spaces that truly reflect his client's circumstances, past and even perhaps aspirations. He makes spaces that reflect a journey that has been taken through life. Second, it is not that he is a perfectionist; it is that he wants his client's homes to reflect what they are as people, and not what he wants as a designer. Yet, his tastes are impeccable, his sense of color near perfect, all coupled with a delightful personality that allows one to treat him as a friend.


If you are looking for a designer that will help you realize a dream of what a home (or any space or event for that matter) could become, then we absolutely recommend you use Rob Esterley. Sometime ask Rob about his dream, for it is our dreams that draw us forward and make us better than we thought we could be."





"Robert Esterley has been an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) since 1996. He has supported the Orange County Chapter by participating in four Philharmonic Houses of Design throughout the past 10 years.


In 2001, Robert was awarded the Gold Award of Excellence for Home Decor and Design
under 3000 sq ft."






"It has been our privilege and a pleasure to have known and worked with Rob Esterley for the past four years. I initially hired Rob to design and install a few small projects in our home. During that first year, I found the adjectives used to describe Rob from those recommended him to me — expert, professional, creative, organized, committed — to be true. He completed our projects on time and within budget, a feat that seems to elude many others in his field. Along with his high degree of creativity and style, he brought his acute business acumen to the process, something I greatly appreciated and valued. Rob demonstrated a great ability to collaborate and coordinate a team of subcontractors and other design professionals though the entire design process, from concept to installation.


It wasn't until the second year of our working relationship, though, that I began to witness the vast talent and expertise that Rob possesses. Our family was growing and we were going through a major lifestyle change. During that time, we decided to engage in a comprehensive remodel of our home to adapt and embrace our changing lifestyle. While I was confident in Rob's ability to bring his creative expertise to the process, what our family received from him was much more than that. Instead of focusing on the design for design's sake, Rob spent time focusing on the needs and interests of every member of our family. In doing so, Rob designed and created a beautifully styled environment that was uniquely customized to meet our needs, interests, and lifestyle. Every time I walk through the doors of our home, we are aware and inspired by the 'experience' he created for us."



Q&A with Lauren Medina, Sherr's daughter


Describe what it was like working on your bedroom with Robert. You picked out your own fabrics; can you talk about that?

I loved working with Rob because I always felt he was listening to what I wanted. From the beginning, Rob was concerned with making the room exactly what I wanted, and throughout the process, he was constantly checking to ensure that I liked what was being done. That being said, his concern for my interests didn't prevent him from making suggestions and invoking his expertise to its fullest capabilities. He opened my eyes to possibilities I had never thought of, without which the design would not have been as effective. Rob advised only with the aim of making me as happy as possible with the final product. The choice of the fabric was one area in particular in which his advice was instrumental, if not essential, to the success of the design. I picked out fabrics in the end, but Rob supplied me with samples of different designs that he felt suited the rest of the room, proposing multiple pattern combinations, from which I was able to select one I liked best. Rob helped me to create a room that I felt was really my own.















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