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Sherri's Story

Raytown, Missouri


I wish to dedicate this work to one of the greatest loves of my life, Sherri Eberhart who remains the sole inspiration of Sacred Living. Upon learning of her stage 4 cancer diagnosis I gifted her healing space in her modest home in Raytown, Missouri where we both grew up; the result was her desire for an Angel Room. Sherri found great peace and comfort in this humble bedroom converted into a Sacred Space as she prepared for her transition. Sherri faced this with the upmost courage which touched everyone who experienced it. Through this experience our prayer was that one day others can experience the effects of "Healing Space Design" as Sherri and her family did during this most precious life experience. Sherri said farewell to over 250 loved ones, friends, and co-workers over the last 2 days of her life, prior to her passing peacefully in her Angel Room.



Letter from Sherri's Mom


Dear Rob,

I want to express my thoughts on the “Angel Room” that you headed up for Sherri. It was Sherri’s answer to wanting a special room where she could go for quiet time, peacefulness and meditation.


I loved the way you were so instrumental in creating this space for her, plus your encouragement to me and others to have a part in this very special project. This meant the world to all of us.


Sherri used this room just as she imagined she would. She felt the presence of God and was comforted greatly as she laid or sat in her “Angel Room”


On Saturday morning, we called Hospice and further prepared this special place for her last days as she had requested us to do. On the following Monday morning, the angels came to take her Home. She went peacefully with her husband, myself and two close friends by her side.


I want to thank you, Rob for making the “Angel Room” a very special experience for my beautiful daughter. It was truly a God-inspired undertaking. May God continue to be at your side as your create special spaces for others.


Blessings always,

Judy (Sherri’s Mom)










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